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Red Box Bungalow

Single Family Residential

This residential project is located in the northwest quadrant of Calgary in the community of St. Andrews Heights. An inner city site, this project proposed to develop expansions and renovations to the existing primary residence for a family of four.

Benefits for the client included:
  • Maintain “one and a half storey” feel of the existing residential building 
  • Add a “half level down” walk-out basement and a sunken patio
  • Add private internal courtyard area which will act as an internal garden, patio, and informal dining area
  • Keep an existing attached single car garage accessible from the existing street-facing driveway  and a new attached, two car garage accessible off the lane
  • Build new living room, formal and informal dining rooms, and kitchen as well as office on the main level
  • Add private master bedroom with all amenities as a separate suite attached to the main house via a glazed pavilion link functioning also as a main stairway for the communication throughout the building
  • Replace all windows with triple-paned windows
  • Provide sufficient thermal insulation throughout the building to make it energy efficient

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