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Killarney Duplex

Semi-Detached Residential

This building form was designed to provide for a distinctive, yet cohesive, reading of two residential units sharing a common property. The overall building massing is broken into smaller elements, allowing for the front and back elevations to appear more fragmented and, therefore, scaling it down to fit within the scale and character of the neighbourhood.

Further benefits of the integrated design approach are evident in:
  • Creation of cohesive, open plan layout of the main floor of the both units
  • Fully integrated patio/deck design which allows for privacy and security for its users
  • Three (3) storeys and the basement design opportunity, which allowed for a proper “zoning” of uses (“private” master unit on the upper-most floor, bedrooms and bathrooms on the second floor, “public” zone on the main floor, family-oriented basement, “in-laws/nanny” bedroom and bathroom in the basement)
  • Spacious feeling with extra ceiling height in the living area (12ft)
  • Provision of large closets and stage spaces throughout the units
  • The project steps back on the sides of the 3rd floor further mitigating the scale and allowing for transitioning to the neighbouring properties. 
  • The project’s material and colours integrate well with the colour palette of the neighbourhood, as they are commonly used colours in Killarney

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