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Bridge House with Hockey Rink

Single Family Residential

This project was designed to suit the needs of living with an extended family. Most of the public and private functions have been placed on the main floor, while the second floor was intended to serve as a “kids zone”.

Benefits of the design include:
  • Master bedroom with master bathroom, guest bedroom and bathroom, home theatre, dining, kitchen and bar entertainment functions, and living room were placed on the main floor
  • A semi enclosed courtyard area at the back was designed to serve as an extension of the day-use area
  • Separation of the children’s suites and play area which have been located on the 2nd floor
  • The home office is designed with an independent entry trough a bridge over a depressed front lawn
  • The exterior materials features corten steel (weathered steel), cedar, and metal windows and doors
  • Internal 30ft x 20ft indoor hockey rink

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