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Courtyard House

Single Family Residential

Located in the community of Elboya, this property has been challenged and affected by the 2013 floods. After the flood event, it became evident that the existing municipal by-laws did not provide enough protection for communities within the floodway and flood fringe zones.

The benefits of this footprint and the new design approach allowed for:
  • An internal, fully enclosed private courtyard
  • Contemporary design expression with traditional building form drawing from the Canadian prairie architecture typical to the ranch houses of the 19th and early 20th centuries
  • Natural finishing materials featuring vertical “parquet” style wood slats, metal windows, canopies, and roof as well as concrete base and landscape elements
  • First and second habitable stories are located above the flood level
  • Lower floor are built of non-organic materials
  • Upper residential floor is partially built within the roofline, which allows for the building height staying within the district maximums while maintaining the best uses of space
  • Large, five-car garage, fully integrated with the land and the house design
  • Flood-resistant lower floor, easy to clean after potential flooding event

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