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Red Box Bungalow

This residential project is located in the northwest quadrant of Calgary in the community of St. Andrews Heights. An inner city site, this project proposed to develop expansions and renovations to the existing primary residence for a family of four.

Courtyard House

Located in the community of Elboya, this property has been challenged and affected by the 2013 floods. After the flood event, it became evident that the existing municipal by-laws did not provide enough protection for communities within the floodway and flood fringe zones.

Bridge House with Hockey Rink

This project was designed to suit the needs of living with an extended family. Most of the public and private functions have been placed on the main floor, while the second floor was intended to serve as a “kids zone”.

Killarney Duplex

This building form was designed to provide for a distinctive, yet cohesive, reading of two residential units sharing a common property. The overall building massing is broken into smaller elements, allowing for the front and back elevations to appear more fragmented and, therefore, scaling it down to fit within the scale and character of the neighbourhood.

Summer Villas

The architecture at Laurel Point has been chosen specifically for its lakeside site in order to capitalize on the magnificent views and assist in creating an environment that supports the unique, indoor-outdoor lifestyle opportunities. In the spirit of this flavour, buildings will have simple massing, terraced forms, and rich earth tones to blend with the sloping hillsides.