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Our Design Process

In our design process we use both the traditional hand sketching and drawings that are worked out on the computer. During our design process, we sketch over the computer-generated renderings while looking at the project from different perspectives to test our design ideas continuously until our clients and we are completely satisfied with the results.

We listen to acquire problem solving information:

In our design process we listen to our clients and consultants and analyze what would be the best design solution for the problem. Our solutions need to be meaningful and convincing while meeting the client’s timeline. They need to be build-able and should not cost more.

We provide answers to questions:

At the onset of a project we discuss the objectives, requirements, and budget with our clients. We provide pre-design services, such as site feasibility, cost analyses and environmental impact studies. These initial steps help the client, as well as ourselves, to better understand the project potential.

We provide specific design advise:

Throughout the project stages, we aim at sharing the aquired design experience with our clients to achieve the best results possible and deliver the best specific advice to them. We exchange information and project knowledge through extensive drawing, visualization and conversation process.

We strive to achieve design excellence:

After discussing and agreeing on the initial methodology with our clients, we develop design ideas and provide final design drawings and construction plans that show the building's appearance and details for its construction.