FAQ Part Two: How to Interview Architects for Your Custom Project

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February 14, 2019

Finding the right architect for your custom project requires you to find a good fit across several factors, including personality, design style, taste, budget consciousness and overall character.

The right architect will make the difference between an enjoyable and fulfilling experience, and a dreadful and unhappy one. A great architect is your designer, advocate, teacher, project leader, and coordinator. But how do you figure out if the architect you’re speaking to is trustworthy and a good fit for your residential project?

Customer Service and Communication Style
How would you like me to share my ideas, images, needs, wants, and research with you? What would a dialogue about my needs and wants look like?
How can we discuss and target a realistic budget, timeline and scope for my custom project?
How do you ensure that your clients can easily understand the information that you are presenting, whether it is about project requirements, scope or design decisions? Will you use models, drawings, or animation to communicate your design intent?
Do you offer an initial (pre-design) analysis to help move us safely and efficiently towards the design phase?

Fit for Project
What is your design philosophy?
What do you see as the most important issues and considerations in my custom project?
Are there any challenges that you foresee?
What is a realistic timeline?

Project Management Style
What steps are in the design process and how are they organized?
Who from your firm will I be dealing with on regular basis?
Are you interested enough in this project to make it a priority?
How do we find and select the best construction team for the project?

Fees and Budgeting
How do you establish your fees? What is your fee structure?
What would you expect your fee to be for this project?
What is included in your basic services and what would you consider to be extra services?
If the scope changes later in the project, how will this affect the fee? How will these fees be justified? How will this be communicated to us?

If you would like to find our answers to some of these questions - log on to our Resource pages to download our “How to Hire an Architect” brochure.

Image credit: Kyla Anderson

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