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SZTUK Architecture

We are a Calgary-based architecture and urban design firm, determined to improve the quality of life. At SZTUK we believe that design matters!

In our designs, we focus on quality and great spatial experiences. We strive to achieve these objectives through our dedication to architecture, passion for the work we do and the attention to details. In our design, we look for innovation, efficiency and long-lasting sustainability.

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Our Work

Our firm provides a full spectrum of professional services including site feasibility, master planning, site planning, urban design, building design, interior design, historic preservation, and graphic design.

We love what we do and we love to share our project experience and our passion with our clients! We are committed to achieving the highest calibre of design as well as the satisfaction of our clients.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create buildings and urban spaces, that are original and resonant with their context. We love challenging tasks and sites as, through experience, we know that these often offer the most innovative solutions and come with the most interesting outcomes.

As every project is unique we look to each project specifically and take great care in ensuring that the building’s form, colour and material respond to the physical, ecological, social and cultural surroundings of the project creating responsible architecture and urban design.

Our Values

We work together with our clients and consultants, committed to achieving the best results for the project and always providing a meaningful, one of a kind design solution with the best service we can.

Through the quality of our work, we are committed to improving both, the business of our clients and the quality of their life. Our design solutions need to be meaningful and convincing while meeting the client’s timeline. They need to be build-able and should not cost more.


We believe that sustainable design needs a holistic approach; one that encompasses all that defines community and its social, environmental and economic factors. We love designing in inner-city areas, strongly believing that true sustainability starts with the creative re-use of sites and resources already existing.

We are passionate about bringing in the highest standards of sustainability in our planning and architectural projects. Sustainability, that cares about the habitat, performance, aesthetics, function, flexibility, nature, relationships, harmony and our children’s future.